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Hudson Tailor

Los Angeles, CA

Hello dear friends!

As a mommy of three children, it has always been a struggle having too much to carry around. Oh, how I would wish for an extra hand or two! And then there's the issue of the mysterious missing lunch bag! While I will cherish the sheepish look on my second son's face whenever he lost his lunch bag, after the third and fourth one, all this made me wonder if there was any other way to help kids and parents alike.

So we humbly bring to you Hudson Tailor.

Hudson Tailor is not just a backpack line though. We are also a brand that wants to give back based on the life of a little girl we know who inspires us everyday to live a life of thanks. Even in the midst of battling cancer at such a young age, she lived with unbound joy. And although the survival rate of children with neuroblastoma is less than 50%, we believe that one day, there will be a cure to cancer. So, with your purchase, a portion will be given back to the study and research of neuroblastoma.

Thank you so much for your love and support! We are so grateful for this opportunity.


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